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We are creative photographers for the joyful and madly in love!

1. My favorite midnight snack is cookies 'n cream ice-cream! PS: it tastes better when Zack scoops it!

2. The Office is better than Parks and Rec, sorry not sorry! 

3. Judah and the Lion is my all time favorite band, we go see them in concert every year!

1.  My favorite part of the day is getting pre-bedtime butterfly kisses from Allie.

2. Dead by Daylight is my favorite game, though I do have a secret love for getting abused in Bloodborne.

3. My favorite hobby is building computers, from liquid cooling to over clocking, I love working with hardware, but making my wife and kids laugh is a close second.

We met in 2010, only Sophomores in high school with no idea what love truly was. We spent our teen years working together at a local restaurant, attending school dances, and dreaming about what our futures might hold. In 2013 we finally graduated high school;  we quickly moved in together, and shortly after Bethany became pregnant with our first child. In 2014 we had a beautiful baby girl who was, and still is, a constant source of inspiration. Without her, I'm sure we never would have even purchased our first DSLR.  Over the past four years we've learned a lot about parenthood, a lot about what love really means, and stumbled upon a shared passion: photography. We didn't start taking photos because we wanted to make a career as photographers, we started taking photos because we wanted to document the love our family has for each other. As the years went by we started to document that same love for other people, and we found an immense joy in providing such a heartfelt service. Now we have the pleasure of meeting new families and couples weekly to share in their love stories. If you had told me at 16 that I would get to photograph joyful sessions with my bestfriend by my side I would have thought you were crazy, but life is full of surprises and how amazing is that?

Zack and I have lived an unconventional love story, but we're here to show you that every story is beautiful, no matter what time line it follows.


from High school sweethearts to young parents to wedding photographers...

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Our philosophy is simple; we believe photos should be fun, authentic, and timeless!


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We offer customizable wedding day photography collections starting at $2,499!

We offer engagement and custom photo session collections starting at $400!

We offer wedding day film collections starting at $1,499!

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Love notes from our brides

Kaitlyn & Clayton

If you’re here, you’re in the midst of wedding planning and searching for the perfect photographers to capture your big day. Let me tell you, your search should be over, RIGHT NOW! Obviously their work is amazing, but this pair is so much more! After some 2020 wedding planning curveballs, we found a huge blessing in Bethany & Zack! They were so fun, easy-going, and genuinely cared about us and capturing all of the love on our day. I really just can’t say enough good things about these two!! I’ve said it again and again, but we were so incredibly lucky that they were available, our day wouldn’t have been the same without them! We would choose them again and again in a heartbeat!!

Kaitlyn & clayton

Love notes from our brides

Kaitlyn & Clayton

I had the pleasure of working with Bethany & Zack Photography for my wedding and to say they were amazing is an understatement! They were by far the easiest, most relaxed, and fun people; at times I forgot they were even there, yet they seemed to have been everywhere getting every shot possible! We were constantly laughing and joking together, which made us all relax and just be ourselves. When we got the photos back I was absolutely blown away! Not only were the pictures natural and beautiful, but they were filled with so much joy and love that I felt as if I was reliving the day! To this day I will scroll back through them and get so happy that we chose them!

sandy & tyler

Love notes from our brides

Kaitlyn & Clayton

Bethany and Zack were amazing!! They photographed my engagement and my wedding... and wow. the pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Lighting is definitely what they're good at and they captured some beautiful moments. As well as them being professional and outstanding photographers and videographers, they are very sweet, easy going, and loving people which is so nice to have around on the stress of a wedding day. We couldn't have picked better people to capture one of the most special days of our lives, thank you so much!

Love, Cheryl and James

cheryl & james

Love notes from our brides

Kaitlyn & Clayton

We would recommend Zack and Bethany to anyone! They are such a sweet couple and they made our wedding day amazing. The photos we received were a beautiful reflection of all the joy and love on our special day! We can’t pick our favorites from all the photos we received! In addition to all of our sweet portraits, We are in love with all of the detail shots.... the little things that we incorporated to make our day even more special were beautifully captured for us to remember forever. We are so thankful that Zack and Bethany were able to be a part of one of the most important days of our lives thus far!








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