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For those of you who don’t know, we are Bethany and Zack! We are a husband and wife photography team, but we’re so much more than just photographers! We’re opening up and giving you a chance to get to know us a little better! 

Mom & Dad

In addition to being wedding photographers (which we LOVE), we’re also mom and dad to two little ones! As you might already know, we had our first born fairly young. Allie is her name and she is the reason we’re here. Sound a bit dramatic? Well it’s true! She is the reason we bought our first DSLR!  Without her, we’re not really sure where we’d be! She just turned five this last fall and she is the sweetest, cuddliest, smartest little girl we know! But I said we’re mom and dad to two little ones right? So what about that second one? Well, he’s about the exact opposite of Allie in every way. And honestly, he is exactly what I expected when I found out I was going to be a boy mom! Ryker is wild and loud and rough and so independent, but he’s also so lovable in all the ways that boy moms understand. We’re also animal lovers, and we have four furbabies! We have a cat named Nimzie, who acts about like any cat. She doesn’t really give us much attention unless we have food or we’re trying to sleep! We also have three dogs! We have a pitbull that we rescued named Maya. She’s 50 lbs of pure lapdog, and has more energy than the rest of us combined! Then there’s our Husky Jaeger, he’s the sweetest momma’s boy and such a good cuddler! Our newest addition is Luna, she is a German Shepherd that is too smart for her own good!

mother cuddling children on couch during lifestyle motherhood photoshoot
get to know us three dogs - husky german shepherd and pitbull sitting on bed

Husband & Wife

Well, I guess that kind of goes without saying but I’d like to touch on this subject anyway. I think it’s important to note that while we’re parents, we’re also a couple. We know that it can be easy to lose yourself in your work or your parental role, and we think it’s so important to remember who we are to each other! We have been together for ten years, a whole decade. In all reality, we’ve done most of our growing up together and we’ve hit our biggest milestones by each other’s sides. It wasn’t always easy, we’ve had our ups and our downs like any couple, but we’ve come out stronger than ever with a renewed sense of appreciation for our relationship. This is part of the reason we enjoy documenting the love stories of our clients, because we understand the value of a strong marriage. I could go on and on about our views on marriage and relationships, but I suppose I’ll save that for another blog!

husband and wife photography team cuddling during lifestyle family photoshoot marriage

Twenty-Five Year Olds

We’re married, we’re parents but we’re also still relatively young, right? And we enjoy the same things as most twenty five years olds! On the odd occasion that both of our children are with our family, we really enjoy going out and reconnecting with each other! Some of our favorite things to do are try a new restaurant in St. Louis, catch a Blues Hockey game, play a round at Top Golf (where I ALWAYS win), or watch a live concert at one of our favorite venues! We don’t get to go out every weekend, or even every other weekend, but that makes our nights out together that much more special! We know it’s important to have quality alone time together and we do our best to make it a priority!

husband and wife photographers cuddling during lifestyle family photoshoot marriage


We are both artistic, but in very different ways! Aside from being photographers, we both enjoy other creative outlets as well. Zack loves customizing his technology. He even built his own desktop computer! He also has a love for music, and loves playing with new sounds on his electric guitar. On the the other end of the spectrum I love DIY projects, scrapbooking, and home design! I am guilty of rearranging my house on a whim at midnight, changing the theme of our children’s rooms at least once a year, and revamping my studio every couple of months because I become obsessed with some new inspiration!

get to knwo us photographers holding nikon and luminex camera during headshots

I hope you enjoyed this short insight into who Zack and I are as people! Feel free to tell us a little about yourself in the comments, we love getting to know new people!

  1. Curstin M says:

    I love this so much. It speaks volumes of you as a photographer, mom, and wife. You have an incredible family. I’m so happy to be someone who’s worked with you to have photos done. Thank you isn’t enough for all you do for your clients.

  2. Mom says:

    U and zack are an awesome couple.
    U all do a wonderful job.
    Iam very proud of u and zack.
    U all do a wonderful job raising allie and ryker.
    Love u all.

  3. Gen Hull says:

    Are you the couple I just met jetting out of Sarasota?!! The wedding I attended was nice, but all I could do is think of you and Zack! I took some photos with my cell phone in case I found you! What an awesome couple you are! I will be sharing your contact info with my friend who is a wedding officiant! Love your style!

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